Curtis Zackery | Serving Puerto Rico
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Serving Puerto Rico

On September 20th Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico leaving behind a devastating wake of destruction. Now, the U.S. territory is in what has been described as a “serious, life-threatening crisis.”

The island is running short on food, fuel, and access to clean water and there’s limited communications, which means some communities have received no information about the rescue efforts underway. There is a feeling of despair that is permeating the area, and people are growing desperate.

I’ve had a number of people ask me if I knew of any direct efforts that were taking place to provide aid in the area. Because of the difficulty of humanitarian aid entering into the area, people have been confused or uninformed about the best way to know that their support will be received and utilized.

More than anything, we can be dedicated to praying for those that have been and are continually affected by the hurricane and the aftermath.

If you want a practical opportunity to give, I know one family, the Montes’, that are rallying support for their relatives on the island. I love this crew, and their hearts to serve their family and the people of Puerto Rico are unmatched. You can donate to their efforts and help them to fulfill specific needs by clicking here.

I understand that this tragedy is deeply personal to so many, and lots of people are looking for a chance to show P.R. love. If you’ve been wondering, this is just one way that we can be supportive of the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.