Curtis Zackery | My Wife Is A Gift
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My Wife Is A Gift

My wife is a gift.

I cannot believe that God, in His grace, allowed me the opportunity to be with my bride. As I have watched Monique navigate the transition to motherhood, I am continually floored by her love and humility. I can’t believe that we get to begin the process all over again with number 2 on the way!

Women have been parenting children for countless years, but this is the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to watch it happen from the beginning, first hand. So often, Monique and I joke about how even though people told us how challenging it would be in the beginning, no one REALLY told us how challenging it would be! In light of that, watching my wife “roll with the punches” and adjust to this new rhythm has been amazing.

My bride is a gifted creative. Seeing how she has selflessly adjusted her time spent investing in those creative areas for the sake of our family has been humbling.

My bride is an amazing friend. Seeing how she has selflessly adjusted her time spent with others for the sake of our family has been encouraging.

My bride is a passionate worship leader. Seeing how she has selflessly adjusted the amount of time she is able to serve in this capacity for the sake of our family has been inspirational.

My bride has a heart for justice. Seeing how she has selflessly “pressed pause” on her ability to vocationally fight for freedom for the sake of our family has been honorable.

I love my wife. She is a gift to me and to our family. To listen to her speak about how she would trade everything for the love of her little Noah is like beautiful music. Being on this journey with her causes me to consider other women that have walked through various experiences.

To all veteran moms:  thank you for your hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to your children.

To all new moms: you are not alone and your sacrifice and hard adjustment are not in vain.

To moms that have lost children: you are not alone. The time that you had with your children was a gift.

To women that can’t or haven’t yet carried a child: God’s grace CAN encourage and sustain you.